CandyStock provides high-quality royalty free music to thousands of creative professionals around the world. We make finding the right music easy.

Frequently Asked Questions

General FAQ

Who is CandyStock?

CandyStock is an emerging distribution platform for high-quality royalty free music. CandyStock is community focused – we work collaboratively with some of the world’s top music producers to supply royalty free stock music to thousands of companies world-wide. CandyStock allows music composers and producers to easily distribute their music to a global audience.

Why do I need to purchase a license for the music I use?

Because most music online is copyrighted, you usually can’t use music without permission from the copyright holder. This applies even to non-commercial projects. When you purchase a license, you get written permission from the copyright holder to use the music in your project.

What happens if I use music without a license?

Using music for any project without the appropriate license or permission from the copyright holder can cause problems. These problems can range from inconveniences, such as having a video with unlicensed music removed by a third party (like YouTube or Facebook), to severe, such as significant legal threats. Most online audio or video platforms are able to detect unlicensed use of music. In fact, platforms such as YouTube will even disable your account for repeated infractions. Purchasing a license is affordable and it lets you avoid all of these issues.

Isn’t Royalty Free Music free? Why pay to license it?

This is a common misunderstanding. Royalty Free Music is still copyrighted and you still need permission or a license from the copyright holder to use the music. Royalty free means that you aren’t responsible for paying the copyright holder royalties (fees) based on how many individuals view your project in the future. It’s a form of paying a single, up-front amount that gives you the right to use the product no matter how many people view it. Royalty Free Music helps individuals and companies manage their costs by providing a single, flat fee for music licensing.

What do I get when I purchase a license?

For each license purchase you will instantly receive a high-quality music download in two formats – MP3 and WAV. These copies will not have the CandyStock audio watermark. You will also get a downloadable PDF copy of the license for that track. These items will be kept in your account, and you can log in and download them at any time.

Where can I find a download link and license copy for the tracks that I purchased?

This ensures that the tracks are purchased before use. After you purchase a license, you will receive high quality copies of the track with no audio watermark.

What kinds of payment are accepted?

We accept all major credit cards (VISA, MasterCard, American Express, Discover) as well as PayPal.

Why do all the tracks have a watermark?

After purchasing a track, you will be emailed a copy of the license as well as a download link to the music track. You can also access these items at any time in the ‘My Account’ section. For music download, navigate to the ‘Downloads’ tab of the ‘My Account’ section. For copies of your licenses, navigate to the ‘Orders’ tab of the ‘My Account’ section.

Do you offer any refunds?

We are unable to provide any refunds for music purchased on CandyStock, unless there is an error on our end. Because of the nature of digital content, refunds cannot be issued.

Is my personal and payment information kept secure?

We’re dedicated to keeping your information secure and private. We’ll never sell your information, including email address, to any other party under any circumstances. Your information is always private. Payment information is processed by a third party (PayPal) and is kept secure with industry standard encryption. Because of this, CanyStock never has access to your credit card numbers or payment information.

I’m a composer/music producer that wants to sell my music through CandyStock. Where can I submit my music?

Where can I submit my music? Currently CandyStock is still preparing to open submissions from additional authors. We expect to open our submission process in the next few months. However, if you’d like early access, send a sample of your music to

License Details

What happens if I use music without a license?

Yes, but not many. Mainly, the music item purchased at CandyStock must be used as part of a larger project – it cannot be used by itself. For example, you can use the music from CandyStock as a background to a video or movie, but you cannot distribute the music track by itself. Even if you modify the track to make a derivative work, you still are not allowed to distribute it. For example, you cannot record vocals over a music track and distribute it as a product. You can, however, record vocals over a music track and use it as music in a video. For a full list of limitations, please refer to the license details.

If I intend to use your music for non-commercial purposes, do I still need to purchase a license?

Yes, both commercial and non-commercial projects require a license.

Can I give credit or attribution instead of purchasing a license?

No, use of our music requires a license. When you purchase a license, you are not required to give any credit or attribution (but we sure would appreciate it!) If you’d like to give us some credit, please link back to

Do I need to give credit or attribution for the music that I purchase?

Music purchased at CandyStock does not require any attribution or credit (but we’d love it if you would!) Music from the ‘Free Section’ does require attribution. When using free music, please include the following line in your project “Music found at”

What happens if I receive a copyright claim for music that I licensed through CandyStock?

We’re sorry for the inconvenience. First, understand that you are legally allowed to use the music in your project. Music from CandyStock is guaranteed against copyright claims. Because you have a valid license, you can contest the claim! Before you do anything, contact the author of the track that received a copyright claim and ask them if they can resolve it. Often authors will register their music with copyright protection agencies, such as AdRev, to prevent unauthorized use. The author should be able to clear the claim within a few days. Occasionally, individuals will register copyrights on music that is not theirs. In this case, you must contest the claim by providing a copy of your license. If you have any problems or questions, please contact us as and we’ll help you through the process.